pierce productions 1990s
  • 1990
    Of Mice And Men - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    American King's English For Queens - Director: Valorie Grear
    The Imaginary Invalid- Director: Robert Baker
    Count Dracula - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    Fool For Love - Director: Valorie Grear
    Black Comedy - Director: Odis Ball
    Wiley And The Hairy Man - Director: Robert Baker

  • 1991
    And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little... - Director: Odis Ball
    Talking With- Director: RoZsa Horvath
    The Front Page - Director: Valorie Grear
    Plaza Suite - Director: Odis Ball
    Getting Out- Director: RoZsa Horvath

  • 1992
    Step On A Crack - Director: Robert Baker
    Coyote Ugly - Director: Valorie Grear
    The Mousetrap - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    Ionesco! - Director: Robert Baker
    The Heidi Chronicles - Director: Valorie Grear
    Green Card - Director: Valorie Grear

  • 1993
    The Wizard Of Oz- Director: RoZsa Horvath
    The Boys Next Door- Director: Odis Ball
    Twelfth Night - Director: Robert Baker
    Hansel And Gretel - Director: Robert Baker
    American Dreams - Director: Odis Ball
    Beyond Therapy - Director: Odis Ball

  • 1994
    The Brick And The Rose - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    The Three Sisters - Director: Valorie Grear
    Romantic Comedy - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    Agamemnon - Director: Valorie Grear
    Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp - Director: RoZsa Horvath

  • 1995
    The Farndale Avenue Housing Estates Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery - Director: Odis Ball
    Fifth Of July - Director: Robert Baker
    The Musical Comedy Murders Of 1940 - Director: Gene Putnam
    A Christmas Carol -Director: Jim Loeffler

  • 1996
    Les Liasons Dangereuses - Director: Rozsa Horvath
    Peter Pan - Director: Gene Putnam
    Fahrenheit 451 - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    A Christmas Carol -Director: Jim Loeffler

  • 1997
    Lovin' With Willie - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    Bye Bye Birdie - Director: Gene Putnam
    Oliver - Director: Gene Putnam
    Noises Off - Director: Gene Putnam
    And They Dance Real Slow In Jackson - Director: RoZsa Horvath

  • 1998
    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory- Director: RoZsa Horvath
    Miss Julie - Director: Valorie Grear
    Carnival - Director: Gene Putnam
    Frankenstein - Director: Gene Putnam
    Inspecting Carol - Director: Valorie Grear

  • 1999
    Romeo And Juliet- Director: RoZsa Horvath
    On The Verge - Director: Valorie Grear
    Free To Be...You And Me - Director: Gene Putnam
    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum - Director: Gene Putnam
    The Justice Channel - Director: Gene Putnam




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