pierce productions 1980s
  • 1981
    They Came To A City - Director: Eugene Dow
    The Time Of Your Life - Director: Jane Hawkins
    The Visit - Director: Don Horst
    6 Rms Riv Vu - Director: Eugene Dow

  • 1982
    A Streetcar Named Desire - Director: Jane Hawkins
    Lovers And Other Strangers
    Macbett - Director: Don Horst
    Arms And The Man - Director: John Medici
    A View From The Bridge - Director: Jane Hawkins

  • 1983
    Ten Little Indians
    The Grass Harp - Director: Don Horst
    The Merry Wives Of Windsor - Director: Jane Hawkins
    Rhinoceros - Director: Jane Hawkins

  • 1984
    Death Of A Salesman - Director: Don Horst
    The Deadly Game - Director: Don Horst
    Picnic - Director: Jane Hawkins
    The Glass Menagerie - Director: Jane Hawkins
    The Miser - Director: Don Horst
    Charlotte's Web - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    Hot L Baltimore - Director: Robert Baker

  • 1985
    Night And Day - Director: Don Horst
    Crimes Of The Heart- Director: Jane Hawkins
    Alice In Wonderland - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    The Cretan Woman - Director: Don Horst
    The Wager- Director: Jane Hawkins
    Treasure Island & The Wizard Of Oz - Director: RoZsa Horvath

  • 1986
    Gigi - Director: Jane Hawkins
    Master Harold...And The Boys - Director: Don Horst
    The Dining Room - Director: Robert Baker
    Rashomon - Director: Don Horst
    Museum - Director: Jane Hawkins
    Winnie The Pooh - Director: RoZsa Horvath

  • 1987
    Orpheus Descending - Director: Jane Hawkins
    The Young And The Beautiful - Director: Don Horst
    Bus Stop - Director: Robert Baker
    The Mandrake - Director: Don Horst
    Last Of The Red Hot Lovers - Director: Jane Hawkins
    Raggedy Ann And Andy - Director: RoZsa Horvath

  • 1988
    The Taming Of The Shrew - Director: Jane Hawkins
    Extremities- Director: Don Horst
    Our Town - Director: Robert Baker
    Come Back To The Five And Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean - Director: Robert Baker
    Absurd Person Singular - Director: Odis Ball

  • 1989
    Charlotte's Web - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    Wait Until Dark - Director: Odis Ball
    The Diviners - Director: RoZsa Horvath
    The Foreigner - Director: Robert Baker
    Biloxi Blues - Director: Robert Baker
    The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds - Director: Odis Ball
    The Nutcracker - Director: RoZsa Horvath




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