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We have returned to our newly renovated Performing Arts Center!

Please join us and enjoy our Spring Semester Productions. Tickets are on sale now.


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CHEESE written and directed by Laurel Ollstein.

Pierce College Theatre faculty member and award-winning playwright Laurel Ollstein brings her hilariously twisted comedy to the LAPC stage. Welcome to Tillamook, Oregon, “the land of cheese, trees and ocean breezes.” Griffin, a cheese sculptor, struggles in his marriage to Cindy, who lives in denial over the loss of their young son. Enter Billie, Cindy’s best friend, a knocked-up, wannabe Hollywood actress, running from her failures. The secrets they keep and lies they tell fester and spoil like the rotting cheese that surrounds them, in this twisted, modern day Kaufman and Hart-esque laugher. When the truth is revealed, the comedy is as sharp as the cheddar.

Performances in the Dow Arena Theatre from March 27 through April 5

To Kill a Mockingbird logo

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - adapted by Christopher Sergel from the novel by Harper Lee. Directed by RoZsa Horvath.

Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, beautifully adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel, centers on racial injustice that envelops a small, southern community. Told through the eyes of six-year-old Scout Finch the story takes place in depression-era Alabama. Attorney Atticus Finch, her widowed father, is called upon to defend an African American field worker, Tom Robinson, falsely accused of rape. He is determined to demonstrate Robinson’s innocence even in the face of an armed and angry lynch mob. Peopled with mysterious characters like Boo Radley and fueled by the imaginations of Scout, her brother Jim and friend Dill this is a classic tale full of humor as well as pathos.

Performances in the Mainstage Theatre from May 1 through May 10



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