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  Conference Requests require the signatures of requestor, division head, and president before monies can be encumbered and sent to the district for payment. This approval process is slow and takes a long time. After all college signatures are obtained, the forms are then sent to the district which handles conference reimbursements for all of the LACCD.

For your convenience, the necessary forms are available online under the Conference requests link which can be found on either the Pierce College faculty or staff links under Forms. You may fill these forms out on line, or save them to your desktop. Note: The BLUE DRAFT PAGE that use to be part of the application is no longer accepted.
  The procedure is still the same:
  1. Complete sections #1 - 10 of "Request for Conference or Activity Attendance" form. Please TYPE or PRINT. If you are submitting your request early and would like a travel advance, that form must be filled out and submitted on top of you request.

Instructor/Staff member submitting conference request, sign on #11. Your department chair, Dean, or Supervisor has to sign in section #12 under Account. No. FORMS ARE TO BE SUMITTED PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE DATE.

  NOTE: If FACULTY/STAFF Development funds are to be used, the request has to go to a committee for approval. Committee approval can take up to several weeks. If you go on the conference without approval you must be willing to accept the risk that you will not be reimbursed.
  3. Following the Conference, complete the "Travel Expense Claim" and "Report On Conference Attendance" forms. Both forms should be submitted within two weeks of attending the conference, along with your ORIGINAL RECEIPTS.
4. If you DO NOT attend the pre-approved conference, contact me so the encumbered funds can be disencumbered.
  5. Conference requests will be accepted until May 16, 2006. All expense claims MUST be submitted by June 3, 2006. Late submissions may result in denial of funds.
Downloadable Forms: (To download the forms; right click, then go to save target as, and save the form to your desktop or folder.)

Conference Attendance Regulations:MSWord Format
Mileage Expense Claim:
MSWord Format

Report on Conference Attendance:MSWord Format
Request for Conference or Activity Attendance:MSWord Format
Request for Travel Advance:MSWord Format
Travel Expense Claim:Excel Format

    (It is not necessary to turn in page 2 of the Request for Conference or Activity form. But, it is recommended that you to read it for a better understanding of the procedures.)

If your have any questions, please contact Christin Garcia at ext. 4225 or

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