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Sheriff's Department
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Deputy Sheriffs
Senior Lead Deputy Lazaro Sanchez

L.A. County Sheriff Security Officers
A Sheriff's Security Officer is a public officer, employed by the sheriff of a county, whose primary duty is the security of locations or facilities as directed by the sheriff. The duties of a sheriff's security officer may include physical security and protection of properties owned, operated, or administered by the county, or any municipality or special district contracting for police services from the county pursuant to Section 54981 of the Government Code, or necessary duties with respect to the patrons, employees, and properties of the employing county of contracting entities.

Deputy Jorge, I.
Security Officer Acevedo, O.
Security Officer Anguiano, F.
Security Officer Clounch, J.
Security Officer Holguin, J.
Security Officer Hovsepyan, J.
Security Officer Lambert, T.
Security Officer Paragas, A.
Security Officer Pineda, P.
Security Officer Quiroga, E.
Security Officer Ramos, J.
Security Officer Sagastume, J.

The LACCD Cadet Program - Active
The Cadet position is an hourly, part-time, without benefits, uniformed non-sworn position with the Los Angeles Community College District assigned to a specific campus.

As L.A. Community College District personnel, the campus Cadet position will provide a full range of services to the campus community. These services include, but are not limited to: safety services, escort services, law enforcement desk operations, public relations, clerical/administrative support, investigation assistance, property collection, crime prevention, parking enforcement, hand-held radio use and other related campus duties.

This position may be assigned to assist with security for special events related to the College or the District including working parking enforcement and traffic direction. The Cadet is expected to work during a 24 hour/7 day a week schedule and may include working on holidays. Cadets will receive related training necessary to perform the job.




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