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Conduct on Campus

The Administration, Faculty and Staff of Pierce College are committed to promoting student success and providing all students and campus visitors with a safe and healthful environment conducive to learning. To achieve this, all students, prospective students and visitors are expected to maintain a decorum of integrity, collegiality and respect and furthermore to adhere to the rules and policies approved by the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees.

Campus safety at Pierce College is the responsibility of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Deputies and Security Officers are responsible for responding to all emergencies on campus and maintaining the peace of the college. All students and campus visitors are expected to follow their directions.

All questions regarding Conduct on Campus should be referred to David Follosco, Dean of Student Services at (818) 719-6422.

A student enrolling in one of the Los Angeles Community Colleges may rightfully expect that the faculty and administrators of the Colleges will maintain an environment in which there is freedom to learn. This requires that there be appropriate conditions and opportunities in the classroom and on the campus. As members of the college community, students should be encouraged to develop the capacity for critical judgment, to engage in the sustained and independent search for truth, and to exercise their rights to free inquiry and free speech in a responsible, non-violent manner. In the furtherance of the students’ interest in free inquiry and the search for truth, it is also important that students be able to hear the views of non-students and engage in the free exchange of ideas with non-students.

All persons shall respect and obey civil and criminal law, and shall be subject to legal penalties for violation of laws of the city, county, state and nation. All persons shall respect and obey the rules, regulations and policies of the Los Angeles Community College District.

Conduct in all of the Los Angeles Community Colleges must conform to District and college rules and regulations. Violations of such rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action depending on the individual’s status as student, faculty, staff or visitor.

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