Los Angeles Pierce College

Instructor:  Ken Sharpe    E-mail: sharpekj@piercecollege.edu
Office:  VLGE 8110        Phone:  (818) 719-6480    Hours:  TBA (office hours will be posted by the 2nd week of class)
Texts:    Required:    "The Primer Trainer Application Manual" Free at: http://www.emacinc.com/trainers/primer.htm
                                 Text:      Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with the 8085 by Ramesh S. Gaonkar,  4th or 5th edition.             
Electronics Program Web Address: 
Recommended Prerequisities:  Electronics 72A and 72B
Recommended Corequisities:    Electronics 74A and 74B

Sample Student Learning Outcomes:

1.    Write a program that waits for a switch closure and opening at a specific input port bit location, using the zero flag, with other bits masked, and draw the flow   chart.  Write a 1ms delay loop to facilitate de-bouncing.

2.    Write a program that displays the contents of a specific memory location on light emitting diodes attached to an output port.

3.    Write a programming to delay one hundred milliseconds using a 1 millisecond delay starting loop and nested delay loops to lengthen the delay, based on a 6.28 megahertz system crystal.


1.    Welcome to the Pierce College Electronics Department.   If for any reason you have to drop this class, please follow the drop procedures.  Students that stop coming to class are NOT automatically excluded.  If you plan to stop attending, it is your responsibility to drop the class to avoid a failing grade.  

2.    Expect a quiz each week with material taken from both lecture and lab.

3.    NO MAKEUP QUIZZES.  One missed quiz due to justifiable absence will be dropped. Other missed quizzes count as 0.  Instructor MAY drop other missed quizzes for serious and unavoidable reasons beyond the control of the student.

4.    Lab grade:  All hardware and software assigned labs must be completed, demonstrated to, and signed by the instructor, and a report showing machine language programs, flow charts and comments must be submitted for a lab grade as follows:
    Complete a lab notebook as described in the handout entitled "Lab Documentation Requirements," and complete the following:
    A: Hardware, plus software labs      0 thru 8
    B:                    0   "   7
    C:                    0   "   6
    D:                    0   "   5
    To succeed in lab, you must prepare by reading the lab text and writing most programs before coming to lab.   The lab report presentation (neatness, organization,  completeness, and program flow charts & comments) must follow the instructions as described above.  The lab notebook is worth one grade.

5.    Lecture Grade: 75% quiz average, 25% final exam.  If the final exam is not taken at the scheduled time, the final grade will be a failure.  Each missed homework assignment  reduces the final average by 2%.  Late homework is not accepted.  Homework is collected at the beginning of class.  Keep all quizzes and handouts.

6.     Please consult the Pierce College Electronics Program web page for catalog descriptions, course outlines, copies of syllabi and other important information.
7.    Enjoy the class!  This class can be difficult if you do not spend time preparing for each class.  You must study your notes and read the text books in order to get the most out of this class.  Do not allow yourself to get behind in your studies because it can be difficult to catch up.