Electronics 6B: Fundamentals of Electronics IIB Laboratory

Description:    A one unit lab course combined with the Electronics 6A lecture course enhancing the principles of electronic components and circuits presented in lecture through laboratory experiences.    

Instructor:    John Zitzelberger

Office:   VLGE 8110.   Phone:    818-710-2965

Office Hours:    Tu/Th: 6-6:45pm, M-Th: 9:50-10:15pm, M/W: 3-3:30pm

Required Text:    You will create your own lab notebook from the handouts given.  Please obtain a suitable binder for this purpose.

     If you decide to stop taking a class it is your responsibility to officially drop it before the deadlines given in the class schedule.  If you do not take the time to drop and remain on the roll you will not be happy with the result: a failing grade.

    Bring your scientific calculator and lab notebook to each class

    This lab should be taken concurrently with the EL6A theory course.

    An informative pre-lab presentation is provided by the instructor at the beginning of the lab period. It is imperative to be on time for the start of lab to receive this information.  It is not possible to repeat this for each individual who misses it by coming late!  Being late for class and missing this presentation will affect your grade.  (See Grading, below.)

    This class has been designed in a way that the work necessary for its completion is to be performed in class during the posted lab hours for the EL6B class.  Because the handouts and parts used to complete a lab are different for each lab it is not possible to make up labs.  

Grading:    Your grade in this lab course will be determined in the following way:  
    50% - Completion and checkoff of weekly lab assignment.  Attendance is taken at the completion of the lab period.  To obtain this credit you must demonstrate your lab circuit and data before tearing it down! So after taking your data and completing any graphs or other tasks indicated in the lab handout, ask the instructor for checkoff.  5% will be deducted for each missing lab checkoff.  One lab may be missed during the course without grade penalty.

    20% - Instructor's evaluation of your laboratory performance over the semester.  Here are the questions I ask in determining this:  Did you carry your load when working with your group?  Did you utilize the full laboratory period if necessary, retaking the measurements if they did not turn out right the first time?  Were you consistently on time for the lab? (Late one or less times.)

    25% - Last Lab.  The last lab is one where you will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of the equipment and measurement techniques learned in the lab on your own, with no assistance from your normal lab partners.

    5%- Lab Notebook.  Show your organized lab notebook to the instructor during the Last Lab exercise. It must be bound and complete to receive full credit. The lab notebook will be graded as follows:  Complete and bound: 10,  Complete not bound: 7,  Incomplete and bound: 6,  Incomplete not bound: 4, No Notebook: 0,  Late notebook: -2 from given score.