Electronics 6A :  Fundamentals of Electronics II

Description:    A three unit lecture course presenting the concepts of AC measurements, components, and circuits.

Instructor:      John Zitzelberger

Office:            VLGE 8110.  Phone:    Office:  818-710-2965

Office Hours:    Tu/Th: 6-6:45pm, M-Th: 9:55-10:20pm, M/W: 3-3:30pm  Phone:    Office:  818-710-2965

Required Text:    Basic  Electronics, Tenth Edition, Grob, McGraw  Hill

        If you decide to stop taking a class it is your responsibility to officially drop it before the deadlines given in the class schedule.  If you do not take the time to drop and remain on the roll you will not be happy with the result: a failing grade.
        Bring your scientific calculator for use at each session. 

        Expect a test at the end of each week's lecture period.  There are no makeup tests.  Tests count as a zero if missed.  However, one test grade – the one with the lowest score - (not including the "midterm test" or final exam) will be dropped in figuring the test average.  Although these tests stress the new material covered during the previous week, there will be questions and problems on the test that rely upon knowledge gained in the weeks before.  The midterm exam will cover all the material up to that point.  However, it counts the same as a weekly test except that it will not be dropped in averaging the total score.  These weekly tests and midterm will count as 75% of the course grade.

        The comprehensive final exam contributes the final 25% to the course grade.  Regardless of your performance up to the final, you must take the final exam to receive a passing grade in the class.

        Tests and exams are closed book, closed notes.  However, the privilege is extended of using a single 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of your own written notes that you have expressly prepared while studying may be used for reference during any test or exam.

        Doing practice problems helps to ensure success in this class.  Suggested homework problems are assigned to help.  Although not collected for grade credit, very similar problems may be found on the tests!

        EL6B is the accompanying lab for this course and you should be concurrently enrolled in this lab class as it is important in progressing to more advanced classes towards a certificate or degree in electronics. 

        As a courtesy please deactivate any cell phone or pager ringers so as to prevent disruption to others in the class.