Los Angeles Pierce College

Instructor:  Ken Sharpe   Phone:  (818) 719-6480     Email:  sharpekj@piercecollege.edu
Office:        VLGE 8110    Office Hours: TBA (will be posted by the second week of class)
Texts:         "Basic Electronics" by Grob/Shultz.  (Required Lecture Text)  All lab sheets will be supplied by the instructor, no lab book required.                
Electronics Program Web Address:  http://info.piercecollege.edu/departments/electronics/
Electronics 4B Course Outline:  http://info.piercecollege.edu/departments/electronics/4dcfund.html
Sample Student Learning Outcomes:
1.  Given a series-parallel direct current circuit schematic diagram, build, analyze and troubleshoot circuit by measuring Ohm’s law parameters.
2.  Given general meter movement specifications, calculate multiplier and shunt resistors to build a voltmeter and current meter for any range.
3.  Given a two power source direct current schematic, utilize Kirchoff’s laws to determine basic circuit parameters, build and compare calculated and measured results.

1.  Welcome to the Pierce College Electronics Department.   If for any reason you have to drop this class, please follow the drop procedures.  Students that stop coming to class are NOT automatically excluded.  If you plan to stop attending, it is your responsibility to drop the class to avoid a failing grade.  

2.  A scientific calculator that has an ENG (engineering mode) key is required by the second week of class.   An example calculator to purchase is a Casio fx-300MS, fx-115ES, or fx-300ES for under $20.  Bring the calculator to all lectures and labs. 

3.  Labs will be signed by the instructor when each circuit has been built and demonstrated.  A lab is not considered complete without the signature.  Remember - - DO NOT break down your circuit until the instructor has approved and signed your work.  It is your responsibility to verify that you have been added to the roll sheet at the completion of each lab period.

4.  Lab data is recorded as directed by the instructor in a neat legible manner.  Using a pencil with an eraser is encouraged!  The instructor will provide lab procedure sheets.

5.  Please try to be on-time.  At the beginning of each lab period,  the instructor will give lecture material that will assist in the performance of the lab.  Also, the stockroom technician,  must hand out supplies to three lab rooms and late students disrupt the flow.  Do not enter the stockroom/office area unless invited by a staff member.

6.  Grading:  Instructor evaluation 10%; last lab; 10%,  Lab completion: 80%.  One lab can be missed without penalty.  Each missed lab beyond one reduces the final grade by 10%.  Missed labs may be made up during the day section on Monday afternoons or evening section Monday night by permission of the instructor.  The instructor evaluation is based on factors such as: Did you do your own work or do you always rely on other people?  Do you demonstrate effort? Do you take care of the equipment and parts?  Do you follow directions?  Do you do all that is required in the lab experiment? Are you prepared for class? Did you bring your calculator and other materials to class? Do you arrive on time?

7.  Please do not touch equipment that is not being used in the lab without instructor approval.  Do not use computers without permission, and do not load or retrieve software unless directed to do so by the instructor.  Do not change any startup settings of the computers.

8.  Enjoy the class!  Please do not be afraid to come and talk with me about any concerns related to the class.   Your success is important to me!