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The Electronics Program at Los Angeles Pierce College provides certificates and an Associate Degree upon completion of a comprehensive electronics curriculum that includes fundamental as well as advanced training for students interested in a career as an electronics professional.

The Electronics Curriculum provides training in the fundamentals, electronic devices, computer aided design and analysis, communications, microwaves, digital systems, microprocessors, linear systems, and operational amplifiers. 

The Electronics Program is a mix of theory presentations in the classroom with extensive hands-on training in laboratories featuring state-of-the-art equipment.  Be sure to scroll down and follow the links for more information!


Program Information:
New students should enroll in Electronics 4A lecture and 4B lab.  No previous experience in electronics is required.  Electronics 4A also meets the Natural Science elective requirement for any Associate Degree.  The Program is located in the Village Building.

Electronics Degree Requirements Flow Chart

Electronics Certificate Requirements

Are you an Electrician Trainee? Pierce Electronics classes meet the State requirements for Electrician Trainees. The Pierce Electronics Program is designated as approved school number 129 by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS).  Electrician Trainees
should register for Electronics 4A lecture and 4B laboratory as shown in the Pierce schedule (BOTH must be taken at the same time to qualify).  Consult the DAS website for more information: http://www.dir.ca.gov/das/ElectricalTrade.htm
Why take an Electronics class when you want to be an Electrician?  An explanation can be found HERE

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Electronics 81 Projects Class - Pictures of Student Projects

Sample Links for Electronic Project Parts: 
A.S. Degree In Electronics

Lecture and Lab Facilities are Located
in the Village Building


Certificates In Analog, Digital
 And Communications Electronics

A Mix of Theory and Hands-On Training